Bringing Inspiration In


Sometimes I am so attracted to color, like this indigo that I saw in a recent issue of Elle Decor. Yet its not very realistic to redesign my kitchen or move to Patmos just so I can use this color. But I can still incorporate the color into my life. I went to my local CVS and bought this Essie nailpolish — not too far off, right? How do you incorporate the things that are inspiring you in your life?

Chair Repair




I’m in the process of repainting and recovering my dining room chairs. Step 1 in this process is to keep the chairs from breaking apart and making them less squeaky. My usual MO is to try to do everything perfectly, but I wasn’t ready to learn woodworking and complete take the chairs apart or make the trip to Lowe’s and spend a lot of time and money buying a drill to repair them with a syringe like Martha suggests in this hilarious video. So I used what I had lying around — wood glue, q-tips, hammer, and straps. While maybe not perfect, the chair isn’t about to completely fall apart. Lesson of this endeavor — while the say the good is the enemy of the great. In home chair repair, good is great.

Carytown Details



We headed to Richmond for my popa-in-law’s birthday this weekend. My in-laws live in between Carytown and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. We took a walk down Cary Street, and while Tom was wrangling Mosby, I snapped a few quick shots of some of the details that I think really make Carytown unique. Right next to some street art and a vintage movie theatre there are high-end eateries and boutique shops. I love that everything is jumbled in together. Yet, without these aspects – vintage signs, peeling paint, the obvious hand of the artist, this street could be anywhere, but these aspects make it Carytown. Some might think these are imperfections, but it’s exactly these imperfections that give Carytown it’s vibrant personality. Where are some of your favorite streets? What gives them personality?