A Little Happy

IMG_0344I’m a sucker for the sleek packaging of the iphone.

We got six inches of unexpected snow this week coupled with many gray, rainy days, but there was still lots to be excited about. I got a new iphone after two years of the galaxy. Yes I switched back, mostly because the iphone just appeals to my senses more. I also ran my first ten-miler and got an invitation to a good friends wedding.

20140329_112725A nice reward after running ten miles.

IMG_0310Looking forward to using these pickled peaches to make a pie.

IMG_0283I found this invitation so striking – both modern and glamorous.

IMG_0330I’ve been looking for a buddha and this is one of the best I’ve seen yet.

A Little Happy

IMG_0058 My first bouquet of the spring season.

This week contained both the first day of spring and my mother-in-law’s 60th Birthday, so there were plenty of reasons to celebrate. We spent the weekend in Richmond indulging on Birthday cake and eating all kinds of great food. We also made it to the new Wes Anderson movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was worth seeing for the pastries alone. I love spring because I get to ring in another year (my birthday is in a couple of weeks) and it’s the start of patio season which means picnics, wine tasting, rooftops, and generally dining al fresco.

IMG_0132It’s officially Rosé season and this is a gorgeous bottle.

IMG_0187Nothing improves your spirits like an old school carousel. 

IMG_0233My mom always had a gift wrapping box, and this week I started my own complete with fancy tape.

IMG_0096The perfect bag for the farmer’s market from my new favorite sandwich shop.


A Little Happy

IMG_9973 Inspiration for doing manicures at home – cuticle oil and neutral nail polish.

I was on Spring Break this week, and it’s the first time I’ve felt really relaxed in a long time. I gave the house a much needed deep clean before my mom came in town Tuesday and spent the rest of the week on some solid girl time. We went hiking, went for a nice lunch at a vineyard and did some shopping. My natural inclination is to go away whenever I can, but it was great to stay close to home and catch up with my mom.

IMG_9979 A Ginger Beer for adults-only.

IMG_0008My first pair of designer heels.

IMG_0027Now that I wear eye makeup, I need this.

IMG_9950Finally a nice makeup bag to keep the essentials corralled.

Why Decorate?


On one of my mom’s recent trips to see me in Charlottesville, she brought along a copy of Shannon Fricke’s book How to Decorate to share with me. Recently I’ve been investigated the “why” behind some of the things I love, and have not found a better example than Shannon’s words:

“Decorating is a form of creativity, an opportunity to express our unique style of seeing things in a legitimate way. I say legitimate because sometimes the world can look upon the act of being creative as a pastime, an indulgence of sorts, for those who have too much time on their hands and little else in the way of ‘real work’. What a shame, I say, that we don’t give the act of being creative the credit it so definitely deserves. Creativity in any form is a clear window into our soul, into who we are and how we see things. It inspires us to know ourselves — from our head all the way through to our heart. The experience of using our minds, our hands and our inner spirit in tandem is an opportunity to achieve a kind of peace. To just be…How lovely to have such a chance in this crazy, fast-moving, ever-evolving world!

The lovely thing about engaging with decorating as a form of creativity is that the outcome can be both functional and beautiful. It’s easier to navigate the footprint of a well-decorated house, and all who live among its virtues feel its influence on an aesthetic and spiritual level. And on top of all this, good decoration adds value to the property, which for some people is reason enough. For me, however, the true joy of decorating, the heart of the experience, will always lie in the act of creativity itself.”

I couldn’t agree more. Thank you Shannon for your words of wisdom and validating why decorating is so important to us.

Why I Blog

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I was lucky enough to grow up with two amazing women in my life. Some of my fondest memories as a young person were spending my weekends with my mom and my aunt. A typical Saturday might find us starting the morning over a long breakfast at a local brunch spot in order to fuel our souls and our bellies for the rest of the day. Our afternoons might be spent browsing local boutiques, re-arranging our furniture for the 12th time, playing in my aunt’s closet that also housed her collection of vintage clothes that once belonged to my grandmother and great-grandmother, getting our nails done, pouring over our favorite shelter magazines, or going to an estate sale. These activities might seem somewhat indulgent, but they were not. For us, it was more about the creative process, about thinking about how we wanted to dress and the environment that we wanted to live in and also sharing these things with each other. Now that we all live in separate cities, thousands of miles apart, I find myself craving those Saturdays that were just our own where we could be creative and explore the world around us together. For me, this blog is a way to continue the conversation with these amazing ladies who mean so much to me even though I can’t spend every Saturday with them and hopefully to widen the circle to include other women who are also craving the same kind of creativity and connection in their lives.