Gifting for the Humble Abode

Gift Guide 2017 - Home


This year, home for the holidays has a special meaning for me because it’s the first time Tom and I will celebrate Christmas in our very own home. One of the first things I did in preparation for the Holidays was to go out and buy the largest tree that would fit in front of our windows. I’ve always loved a tree in front of a window because not only do you get to enjoy it, but those on the outside do, too.

When it came to thinking about gifts for the home, I gravitated towards really unique items that would really make a house a home. Those things that show others a bit more of your personality and make coming home feel special.

I really love the idea of pairing this acrylic book stand with a gorgeous coffee table book. I have lots and lots of coffee table books that I absolutely love and while they look good sitting on a shelf or the table, I’ve hardly ever seen a guest look at one. I like the idea that you could open your favorite book to your favorite page and encourage guests to thumb through it. Continuing with the book theme, I’m feeling like my bookcases could use a little kick. I love the idea of pairing these beautiful bookends with your most tattered and beloved books to create a beautiful contrast on your cases.

I also looked for items that I thought would make a space cozy and bright. I’m completely obsessed with these pillowcases by Elizabeth Few. I saw them first at Roxie Daisy here in Charlottesville and have been completely in love ever since. I also love the idea of using this coverlet during the holiday months. How amazing would an emerald green velvet coverlet look this time of year.

And last, but not least, those emoji notecards. Last year, I got some emoji cocktail napkins that I just love, and I wanted to continue the theme. My husband has been really into writing handwritten letters this year, and I love the fact that these pair the best of technology with a good, old fashioned note.

I hope you find something in here that will bring a special touch to the homes of those you love this year.

Merry Merry!

All The Things She Wants for Christmas

Gift Guide 2017 - Her


I have a confession to make. Even though I’m almost thirty, I still make a Christmas list each and every year. Last year, I happened to share my digital Christmas list with my girlfriends when we were out shopping for the holidays. I’d recently started making my list in Google docs and adding pictures and links so my family and friends could easily shop my Christmas list. You see I just don’t see the point in having someone spend hours during what’s already a stressful time of year picking out something they think I might like only to have me go and return it a week later.

This year, I’ve decided to share my Christmas list a little more broadly with not only my family, but those of you who might be looking for great gifts for your loved ones this year. This first gift guide is really focused on clothes, shoes, and accessories for the women in your life, and I hope to include similar ones for home, travel, and beauty before it’s too late to ship presents in time for Christmas.

One theme you’ll notice about my gift guide as it includes not only my love for all things simple (that white coat) and the things you might want to pair with it to give it a little oomph, but it also showcases my love for an incredible pattern (that bomber jacket). Speaking of that white coat, when I was in college, my dad offered to buy me a dressy coat for Christmas very much like the one pictured. Unfortunately I turned him down because I didn’t feel grownup enough or responsible enough to have a beautiful ladylike coat (hello frat basements), but if there’s one thing I could go back and change now it would be saying yes to that coat even if it hung in my closet for the next ten years. You see I think that’s the beauty of buying something classic. While you might not wear it everyday, over the course of many years, it’ll really begin to payoff. That being said, while I love going for a classic gift for the holidays, I think it’s also really fun to give something that’s really unique and special and not at all practical that the receiver probably would never buy for themselves. Ultimately, I think that’s the fun of the holiday season, it’s a time when it’s completely appropriate to spoil those you love just a little bit whether it’s with something you know they’ll love for years to come or something they are dying to have right now.

I’m curious though, what’s on your Christmas list this year? What kind of gifts do you like to give? Are you the classic gift giver or the completely impracticable, but amazing gift giver? I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comment below.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season filled with lots of cheer!

The Thanksgiving Table of My Dreams

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For the last couple of years, we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving by taking a trip with family. It’s a surprisingly wonderful time to travel as you don’t encounter many long lines while exploring a city since the bulk of humanity is sitting on their grandmother’s couch watching football. While I absolutely love this new tradition we’ve started, the one thing I miss about Thanksgiving is having the opportunity to design a beautiful Thanksgiving table.

Since I won’t be able to put together a real Thanksgiving table this year, I decided to share with you the Thanksgiving table I’m currently dreaming of. When I started to brainstorm what my ideal Thanksgiving table would look like, two things immediately came to mind dutch tulip vases and Richard Ginori’s Oriente Italiano dinnerware collection. I first fell in love with delftware tulip vases when Tom and I saw the dutch flower pyramid or “Bloempiramide” at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. On a recent trip back, Tom brought me home a kit to build my own flower pyramid. Mine is made of plastic, but it’s still super cool. Ever since, I’ve wanted to design a table with a Bloempiramide as the centerpiece. Now on to those pink plates. I first saw one of Richard Ginori’s Oriente Italiano plates at Forty Five Ten in Dallas. I awkwardly took a picture of the back of the plate in the store because I knew I would want to remember who made it. I think what I love about these plates is that the simultaneously seem traditional and modern at the same time, but in all reality, it was probably just the millennial pink that caught my eye. I built the resulting tablescape around these two pieces and hope it inspires you to make a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape of your own. Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!

The 12 Dinner Napkins We’re Craving for Thanksgiving



I can’t believe the holiday season is upon us. We didn’t really have our traditional Fall weather here, so the fact that it’s almost Thanksgiving is really surprising. Maybe it’s the fact that this year feels a little “off”, but when I was thinking about how to set the table for Thanksgiving this year, I was drawn to things that didn’t look too “Thanksgiving.” While having a theme can be nice, sometimes I feel like it ends up looking too kitschy.

This year, I’m really craving adding some color to my table. I have beautiful white dinner plates and napkins, which I use for practically everything and it would be nice to have an alternative. I also really like the idea of buying something that can be repurposed for other dinner parties throughout the year so that whatever I buy will get used more than once.

I think when it comes to holiday decorating often times we feel like there’s a right way to decorate. For Thanksgiving, your need warm colors – reds, oranges, and yellows and lots of gourds. But I don’t think you need to be overly formulaic. When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s all about getting your favorite people around the table and enjoying a delightful meal. It’s also one of the two times per year that you will probably actually set the table and use real napkins and fancy china. The objective for setting the table is really to make the people you have invited to your home feel special. By just by being thoughtful about how you set the table, you will set the tone for the day. Whether you use a pumpkin or a gourd or some metallic napkins, is totally up to you.